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Studio 1 Thousand is based in New York and Seattle. 

We entertain inquiries of all sizes, world-wide.


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Studio 1 Thousand is a Lighting design and innovation company.

Studio 1Thousand is an award-winning LED lighting design and consulting firm. We believe great lighting is a successful combination of aesthetic creativity, technical acumen, and client collaboration. Starting at inception, and ending at installation/testing, we work to collaborate and create lighting elements which are beautiful, easy to install, and long lasting. 


We inspire and guide LED ideas from inception to installation.


The Studio is based on a combined effort of two different practices.

1. Studio 1 Thousand is a company which designs and executes large scale work based on Internally developed LED technology. Because of the sensitive and non-standard designs, we follow projects from inception to completion. Our goal is to work on projects where one dimension is at least 5m/16.4' in size. 


2. Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn, Fine Artist. Our projects support a development lab/Arts practice focusing on Light-Based Fine Art. These pieces are generally experimental, and smaller in size. A lot of the technology developed for these pieces of art, are then developed into full scale product systems.


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